An evening with Robert Scoble

Within the next couple of years we are going to start seeing the most important products since the iPhone. The stuff of science fiction is becoming reality. Once believed to be fantasy, holographic computing is not just something for Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) anymore.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a device that allows you to see an augmented reality? You’d be able to play video games on your table top by simply putting on a pair of glasses. According to Robert Scoble this is only about 2 years away and this device is called the Hololens.

At Louisville Digital Association’s event on June 16th, Scoble discussed how we are seeing a paradigm shift in technology that is going to inevitably create a frictionless society. Contextual systems are the future and there are 5 forces he currently sees coming together to make these systems possible: Sensors, IoT, Wearables, Social, and Cloud-Connected data.

Robert Scoble Scoble focused on sensors and beacons, highlighting their importance in the tech world. From swallowing tiny pieces of hardware to wearing them on your arm, sensors and beacons are revolutionizing technology, giving us limitless options for advancement in the app world. Robert Scoble discussed a variety of apps that will soon make our lives frictionless.

  • Tripit– TripIt Pro organizes, monitors, alerts, and notifies for nonstop travel peace of mind. Real-time alerts and alternate flight finder included.
  • Shelf Bucks– is an in-store beacon promotion and smart display platform, that allows consumers to interact with products, displays and store shelves through iBeacon, BLE and Bluetooth Smart Beacons.
  • Tapingo– is easy mobile ordering. It doesn’t stop there though. It tracks your ordering habits. So, if you order a latte every morning from your local coffee shop at 8am, it will ask you before 8, “Do you still want your coffee this morning?”, if you choose ‘yes’, all you have to do is walk into the coffee shop, pick it up, and leave. BAM! Your phone does all the work for you. You are automatically billed. Everything is taken care of in one click … frictionless.



The event was held at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. It was no surprise that the turnout was great! Louisville’s biggest tech nerds fled to the event to get a chance to listen to the man known as the “most influential guy in tech.” He is known by engineers, graphic designers, advertisers, marketers, 18 year olds and 65 year olds.

Everyone flocks to social media to learn what the “Scobleizer” has to say. One might even go as far as calling him the “Tech God” because he learns about products months and sometimes years before they go to market. He has built a rapport with his Facebook and Twitter following over the years making it easy for us to trust what he has to say.

He’s not just a cool guy that knows gadgets though. He has had to earn his recognition by working like everyone else. Scoble, 50, was raised in Silicon Valley and attended San Jose State University. In 2003 he started working for Microsoft where he earned tenure as a technology evangelist. He left Microsoft in 2006 and moved on to Fast Company and has since joined RackSpace.

From the team at Red e App, we would like to thank Robert Scoble for coming to Louisville to let us in on the future of technology. Thank you to our fellow event sponsors Brown-FormanKindred HealthcareCafePressInteraptWeStyleLEAP and InsiderLouisville.

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