App Update: Red e Central is your new Mobile Inbox

During the past few months, we’ve made significant feature updates to Red e App. From sending private photos to Mobile Notifier (send messages to a large group YET not allow a massive ‘reply all’), we’ve innovated a very unique feature set in a very short amount of time.

Red e App v1.18

Well, it’s time again for something new. One of our clients said, “We love what you all have built: the apps, security, privacy, platform . . . but, we also need the ability for our employees to reply to our corporate mobile Network inside of Red e App, and for the admin to view the responses.” From that one great idea, a new feature is born. We call it Red e Central.

Red e Central allows an organization to reach their non-desk employees via secure mobile messaging and receive replies.  Since Red e App is a closed-loop communication platform (web application and native apps), all messages are private and 100% deliverable. No Spam. No Junk. No “I didn’t get the message”. Why? Because Red e App provides real-time metrics for individual messages that have been read and unread.Imagine empowering your HR communication team to send messages with a 100% deliverability rate PLUS provide the power of knowing instantly who has and has not read the message. Every HR specialist has said at some point in his/her career, “I just wish I knew if people read our messages.” With Red e App, we completely solve that problem and provide it all under one private and secure communication roof.


Want to see Red e Central? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to schedule a discovery call and Red e App product demo with you and your team.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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