Apps, apps everywhere

As you try to sort out the best holiday deals, you may wonder how many mobile applications can you download in one little smartphone? I mean every store, hotel, airline, and healthcare organization has begun to offer something that requires a download to “look see.” Oh sure, you may never look again, but now your phone has it. Almost as good as a virus, sucking up space from this day forward.

Red e App allows you to consolidate all those interactions inside one application, and you choose. You choose the retailers, the franchises, hotel chains, the hospitals, the doctors, your work trade associations, the non-profits you give to every year and you can be a part of their communities. You can track deliveries, hear about special events, watch new product information, and have discussions with your Red e App connections.

Sure we all have texting—most phones do–and we still pay dearly for most of that. AT&T even eliminated a number of messaging options in August, so you’ve got to pay a monthly charge. For consumers, Red e App is free to download and offers free messaging within your interest groups and friends.

Many of the big players in the mobile industry are beginning to realize that consumers want efficiency on the mobile device to live their everyday lives in the places that are most meaningful to them. We want to be in control of the messages we receive and keep our privacy intact. The mobile device may be always on, but can it tell you when your drycleaning is ready…when the first doctor’s appointment is available this week… when your paint supplies are ready for pickup?

Organization is mandatory in today’s world. It’s nice that Yahoo Hub just came out as a release to do SMS messaging for free, but most enterprises need to communicate to me a lot of different types of information where text is a lame and unorganized solution.

Red e App understands that the next mobile platform better get it all together, so we only have to look once for all of our favorite services. Red e App empowers you to think differently in 2012. Privacy, control, what you need – when you need it kind of different!

Dawn Yankeelov
President of Aspectx, on behalf of Red e App

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Technology enables real change

Red e App isn’t here just to sell software to put a Band-Aid on your communication problems — we’re out to change the world for non-desk workers. We’ve spent years in the trenches with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity, and we’d love to help you consider how to make real change in your organization.