The importance of the employee experience

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Top articles this month including gifs, building a value portfolio for internal comms, and the importance of the employee experience:

How to demonstrate the value of internal communication expenditures: Build a “value portfolio”. See the list of classifications.

What is the employee experience? Think about three components: Culture + Technology + Physical Space. Why is experience so important to employees?

Quick tip and stat of the month:

STAT: Checking messages is part of almost everyone’s morning routine – 81% of people in this survey check their messages before leaving for work. Read the other trends significantly influenced by our behavioral shift to mobile.

We just pushed a big update to Red e App:

What did we change? We are glad you asked. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Because 2 dimensions are soooo last year, we now support 3D touch! If you are sporting one of Apple’s most recent phones, you can launch the app straight into composing a new message!
  • Red e App has continued its cultural-exposure tour and now speaks fluent Greek and Turkish. Şerefe! The full list of languages we now support: English, Arabic, French (Canadian & European), German, Greek, Haitian, Hungarian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Password strength indicator on the account creation page. This will let new users know how awesome and secure (or potentially somewhat-less-awesome) their password is. We have made this change to help improve account security. Generally, employees will choose more secure passwords when they are given immediate feedback.

Review the full release notes for the update.

Just in case you missed our announcement, we revamped our web app last month!

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