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CAL centurion head Full ColorThe day was warm and calm. The sky over the pitch was cloudless. The field hockey pitch: the scene of the battle. The battle between two dedicated teams of youngwomen- each side vying for the title of victor. Each side focused on the challenge,
focused on the drive, focused on the goal. As a spectator, I sat along the sidelines relishing in the spirit of competition. I am here… for work? Sweet.

The Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL) recently implemented Red e App within their Athletic Program- specifically, their JV and Varsity Field Hockey Programs.

Parents of any student-athlete understand the grind that is a season sport. The fundraising, the uniforms, the practices, the games, the driving, the LAUNDRY. While phone trees are outdated and emails get lost in chaos that is today’s inbox, Red e App provides real-time notifications to parents regarding scheduling, sports forms, and any changes that arise last minute. Red e App’s prompt alerts to one’s phone allow any last minute changes to be smooth adjustments to set plans.

Coordinating practice times, game transportation, team dinners, clothing orders, and end-of-season banquets are all in a day’s work for parents, players and coaches. CAL Athletics is using Red e App to increase communication efficiency among the people who make their program successful: the parents, players and coaches.

I was at the game to troubleshoot any problems the CAL users had with downloading or maneuvering Red e App and ended up having great conversations with dedicated parents about this exciting new mobile application.

The Varsity team lost that night, but you can believe it was an impressive showing from a solid program committed to technological progress.

Amanda Roehrig
Red e App Apprentice

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