Building a mobile communication highway

A highway is the artery that connects cities and people. For us, the highway connects Red e App to our users. Our highway is communication and messaging.

Before the cities are connected, the highway must be built. Only then can vehicles get from point A to point B with speed and simplicity. Similarly, we have built the means for companies and employees to communicate digitally; enabling organizations to improve workflow communications and connecting hourly employees to operational applications.

Communication Highway

Too often in organizations, the operational applications (such as payroll, job postings and scheduling) are built without consideration for user experience, especially the hourly employee who does not sit in front of a computer … how will the employee access the application, how will he/she be trained, how does he/she know that there’s a deadline to meet?

Red e App is the mobile communication highway to every non-desk or hourly employee. Communication is the only means to alert non-desk employees of important notifications or to take action. And mobile is the most immediate and dedicated means of communication.

Our communication highway connects employees to countless vehicles of operational applications: Work schedules, HR/benefits materials, security and safety updates, compliance and training documents, videos, and many others. And if you haven’t heard, check out our newest “car” on the road: Shifts.

Drilled down to its core, employees swapping shifts is a form of communication. One employee is asking their manager if they can take the place of another employee at a certain date and time. Red e App has already laid down the asphalt and concrete highway to sustain this type of communication. So the Shifts car was meticulously crafted, given a racing stripe, and sent out of the factory floor onto the highway.

We will continue to add vehicles to our highway with user experience and simplicity as a priority. Our mission of connecting the unconnected circles back to adding new features that optimize workflow.

In the book Made to Stick, the authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath emphasize keeping it simple with this anecdote.

Herb Kelleher [the longest-serving CEO of Southwest] once told someone, “I can teach you the secret to running this airline in thirty seconds. This is it: We are THE low-fare airline. Once you understand that fact, you can make any decision about this company’s future as well as I can.”

“Here’s an example,” he said. “Tracy from marketing comes into your office. She says her surveys indicate that passengers might enjoy a light entrée on the Houston to Las Vegas flight. All we offer is peanuts, and she thinks a nice chicken Caesar salad would be popular. What do you say?”

The person stammered for a moment, so Kelleher responded: “You say, ‘Tracy, will adding that chicken Caesar salad make us THE low-fare airline from Houston to Las Vegas? Because if it doesn’t help us become the unchallenged low-fare airline, we’re not serving any damn chicken salad.’”

In summary, build the highway first, and make sure its foundation is solid and simplified before allowing more vehicles to travel down it.

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Technology enables real change

Red e App isn’t here just to sell software to put a Band-Aid on your communication problems — we’re out to change the world for non-desk workers. We’ve spent years in the trenches with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity, and we’d love to help you consider how to make real change in your organization.

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