BYOD: Mixing business AND pleasure

BYOD is not the newest trend among college students for “Bring Your Own Drink.” It’s the newest – and I would argue – the future and consistent trend that businesses must navigate. BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” is how employees are reporting for work.

The “Device” in BYOD ranges from laptops, e-readers, smartphones, and tablets. Employees like choice, flexibility, and more importantly, freedom. The current and future workforce is mobile, connected, and cares which device(s) it uses. What’s more, employees usually have better technology than their employers provide as standard issue.

The BYOD trend isn’t going to stop. It’s ‘The New Normal’.

Think I’m wrong? Just look at what is happening to Research In Motion and Blackberry. Let’s be honest, Blackberry isn’t the most user friendly smartphone. Ask anyone who’s been issued one from their IT department. The IT department loves the control and locked-down security that Blackberry provides. Employees (generally) dislike the small screen and limited apps. Even the most die-hard Blackberry fan only loves the raised QWERTY keyboard.

Why are Android and iPhone winning the smartphone wars? Some have called it a two-horse race. The reason?

Apps. Apps. Apps.

Social networking apps, photo apps, gaming apps, entertainment apps, and communication apps are why Apple and Android are winning. Devices for employees are for more than just ‘WORK.’  They are for WORK and PLEASURE. Employees don’t want to carry two devices. They want one. And, if employees want only one device, how will businesses protect both the security and privacy of the business and employee?

This is the question that consumes us everyday @RedeApp.


Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Lead

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