Collaborative tools emerge for regulated industries, mobile workers

Gina Narcisi with TechTarget provides compelling evidence for regulated industries and deskless employees to have access to collaborative tools in her article Collaborative tools emerge for regulated industries, mobile workers.

Red e App cliNot every worker sits behind a deskent Tom Samuels, CFO at  PH Delivery/Quality Independent Physicians, details several use cases for his Accountable Care Organization. Such as ease of deployment, HIPAA-compliance, nurse-to-physician PHI, patient care transition, and secure file sharing.

“We can’t communicate via text message because of HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act], and we can’t use email because most services physicians use — like Gmail or Hotmail — are not secure either,” he said.

QIP can send patient images securely and track messages that have been sent, as well as when the messages have been read, Samuels said. “Whenever nurses … wanted to communicate with a physician that a patient [who was being discharged might need] follow-up care, they had to fax or call the physician’s office to leave them a message that [the physician] might not have gotten until a couple of days later,” he said. “Now, it’s just a quick, secure message to the physician, and the nurse knows right when the doctor receives it so immediate action can be taken, if need be.”

Red e App also allows QIP to rapidly broadcast messages to physicians and nurses about upcoming meetings — a process that used to be done by sending out faxes, he said. “We can also now see if physicians, nurses or administration has received and seen the messages,” he said. “The biggest impact for us has been better care coordination.”

Read the complete article at TechTarget.

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