Communication is your company’s lifeblood

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Companies are not static, they are alive: constantly changing and moving for better or worse. Your company is like a human body and communication is your companies lifeblood.

When you aren’t communicating, you are suffering. Things slow down, disorganization reigns, and employees don’t feel any connection to the company.

Expounding on this metaphor, Red e App’s own Patrick Goodman was featured on, giving us the four signs that your company’s communications are anemic and sapping your companies vitality.

So what are the four signs?

1. Your communication chain is a game of telephone.


Remember the game of “telephone” that we played as kids? One person starts by whispering a message to the person next to her, that person silently passes it to the person next to him and so on down the line.


How accurate was the original message when it finally got four or five people down the chain? The message was not anywhere near its original intent or tone. That is the root of the problem.


Maintain your company’s message fidelity by giving all employees access to the same communication platform, including those who are not connected through company email. If you don’t, your message of “Great job in Q2! Let’s stay focused on our production goals” can quickly be transformed aka “telephoned” into “Eat at Bob’s and don’t forget two quarters for the roadway tolls.”


2. Your communication chain is one-way only.


The more spread out your company is among various locations, time zones, states and countries, the greater the risk the lifeblood of communication isn’t making it back to the heart of your organization.


A clear symptom of one-way communication anemia is when the corporate office only hears positive messages coming back up the chain. Just like the game of telephone, messages coming back up the chain are often modified so upper leadership only hears that sales are up and to the right, and customer service complaints are minimal.


If you want authentic feedback from front line employees about the new product line or how the new Point of Sale system is actually working, you must utilize your internal advocates to role model desired behaviors and provide a channel for direct and unfiltered communication with your employees. Genuine communication is a two-way street.


Read the complete article, The 4 Signs That Anemic Communications Is Sapping Your Company’s Vitality, for the third and fourth signs.

Ryson Walden
Marketing Coordinator

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