Why devs don’t like writing blogs

A peek behind the red curtain: dev-land.

As a company we like to blog. Some of us have been doing it long before Merriam-Webster added the word “blog” to its dictionary and it was simply shorthand for “web log”.

Teams from different departments of Red e App contribute to our site’s blog to give our visitors perspectives across all functions of the company.

So you’re enjoying good reads such as Is an employee app right for you? or What do you call your hourly or non-desk employees? but keep asking yourself, “Hey, where are the developer blog posts?”

Rest assured, our dev team is writing, (furiously, I might add) just in a different language.

To keep you up to date, here are some recent changes to the Engineering department at Red e App:

Remote Expansion

We’ve added skilled team members, including some great remote employees. We pride ourselves on being good communicators (um, hi, we’re an internal communications solution for the enterprise) and leveraging the best tools to be productive. We also never hesitate to stealthily add a snapchat filter to our co-worker’s faces while we are video conferencing.

That’s me … they get me every time. Thanks team.

Developer Video Call

Physical Expansion

We’ve expanded our sole “dev island” table into a full-fledged “dev archipelago”. Love the smell of fresh new desks in the morning.

Process Improvement

In the early stages of a startup, it’s kind of fun amidst the chaos: running around and getting things done. Now, as a maturing business, we needed more structure and refined our development process so we can ship new features efficiently and more frequently.

Ping Pong: Level Up

With four years of practice, we’re like, really good now. Come on over and challenge us to a game.

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