Differentiating Yammer and Red e App: No corporate email address required

Differentiating Yammer and Red e App is a perfect intro to our blog series on Accessing a Private Mobile Network. Part 1 of the series answers the question, “So how does a person join a Red e App network?”

We get asked this every time we talk about or demo our product with someone. It’s a great question. For many internal social media platforms, the access point or “front door entry” is via an email address.

One of the most popular (and recently acquired) internal social media platforms is Yammer. I should state up front that I have used Yammer for both internal and external networks. I like the software for what it was made to do, which is to provide social collaboration among employees and partners. Yammer, however, was built for desktop and cubicle-based employees.  Wait, before you say, “Hey, Yammer has native mobile apps though!”  Yes, I know, but the mobile app isn’t the key difference between Red e App. It’s how an employee accesses an internal private company network.  In Yammer’s own wordsCompany networks are based on email domains. Only employees with a verified company email address can join.

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Who typically receives a “company” email address? It’s the manager or desk employee who is managing communication and collaboration via email. But what about the non-desk employee or worker?

For large enterprises, the “mobile” employee is not provided with a company email address and thus could never join a private internal Yammer network, even if he/she wanted to. I like what Yammer has built and sincerely applaud their efforts to increase communication efficiencies outside of the email inbox. However, Yammer is not the best solution for an enterprise with hundreds or even tens of thousands of non-desk employees. Providing that many company emails addresses isn’t a sustainable IT project both financially speaking and due to limitations of IT resources at the enterprise level.

We understand the problem well because we’ve heard it over and over from our enterprise clients. Red e App provides an enterprise with a large non-desk worker population the ability to communicate without the need for corporate email addresses, enabled via our Red e Key technology. Employees can join the private mobile network and be connected instantly.

Gaining access to a private mobile network is just half of the equation. What about when hundreds of new employees are added or terminated from a large enterprise weekly or daily? How can you quickly kick someone out of a Red e App network? Stay tuned to part 2 of our series for the answer.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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