Doctors learn to give up faxes by embracing mobile

Doctors Learn to Give Up FaxesRed e App customer, Quality Independent Physicians (QIP), is featured in an Information Week article detailing how the accountable care organization improved patient follow-up rates by saying goodbye to faxing and hello to a smartphone app for doctors.

The article, Doctors Learn to Give up Faxes, discusses QIPs journey from secure faxing to using Red e App to ensure doctors’ offices schedule post-release visits within the government-mandated 14 days.

Faxes easily get lost, misdirected, or unread, noted Tom Samuels, CFO and CIO of Quality Independent Physicians, in an interview. As an ACO whose reimbursements are directly tied to savings and quality of care, Samuels knew the group had to improve communications between hospitals and its independent doctors.

“The doctor may or may not be able to see that fax for two or three days and may not know about that patient’s discharge until after the fact,” he told us. “We were looking for a very simple solution to meet that communication need.”

Samuels investigated HIPAA-certified secure messaging options, many of which were sophisticated programs sure to intimidate tech-shy physicians. He wanted simplicity and ease-of-use. QIP’s medical professionals typically use a mix of iPhones and Androids to communicate in their personal lives.

Samuels wanted something doctors could use on their own devices that met HIPAA security requirements. Unlike a desktop browser-based system, a mobile app gave physicians the mobility they demanded; texting provided the ease-of-use Samuels believed would encourage doctors to use the app.

He found that Red e App, a mobile app for private communications. Other apps he reviewed were too complex for his organization.

“Our quality standards from last year to this year have improved. We’re keeping high-risk patients in front of office managers and doctors. The percentage of patients followed up within 14 days has increased every month since Red e App.”

Read the complete article at InformationWeek.

Amee Kent
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