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As consumers we are living in an unprecedented time of electronic exposure providing marketers, spammers, social platforms, banner ads, retailers, family, partners and employers unfettered access to our inboxes, devices, media outlets and desktops. Yes, all at the same time….

But guess what? Most all consumers are also “employees”. If companies invest so heavily and mightily in marketing, and they truly believe marketing will influence sales, they should equally be investing in internal marketing or what some might call “employee engagement”.

The benefits are great. More specifically, employees are your brand ambassadors.  If an employee doesn’t represent your brand well, then your brand and products will lose value. However, the employer’s biggest challenge is getting their message of direction, mission, focus and maybe even change through all of this messaging clutter.

One of the reasons for the clutter is the very public sharing we are doing with our email addresses and mobile phone numbers – we are opening the doors to distractions. Thus, the “Monster” is born!  We assure you; marketers are keying off of and targeting you today based on this data. “Facebook may soon allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number,” a spokesperson confirmed.

So how do we clear a path to employees, especially for the non-desk employee, who operate and interact mostly through their mobile device? A single device where they are continually inundated with information from a wide variety of sources – all, simultaneously, being pushed to them in mass.

To be effective and productive, employees need and desire focus, and most likely will not seek it on their own. It is up to the employer to recognize and act.

Red e App provides companies a secure, direct and uncluttered mobile channel of communication and content to the mobile device of employees – oh, and all done without email addresses or mobile phone numbers. Take us for a test drive.

Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO

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