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A new email survey just came out indicating that the best time to send email is at or before 6AM in the morning, when people are just rising, and looking at their inbox. You have to get going pretty early to be that early bird catching the worm. 

Even more depressing is that most people do not look at any emails you send at all after noon until 7 or 8 at night or the next morning. This would be a reflection of how my business email patterns actually work as well.

The survey results are from Baydin, which makes the email plugin, Boomerang. After analyzing 5 million messages, they found that the average email user receives 147 messages every day, and spends more than 2.5 hours in email a day.  71 emails are deleted for a total time elapsed of 5 minutes. On average, 12 emails a day are delivered to you that require actual response and work done right now.

The best 5 words to provoke an email response include: 
1.    Apply
2.    Opportunity
3.    Demo
4.    Connect
5.    Payments

With Red e App, you may not have to work so hard. Consumers will see a business message that is relevant to them, is actionable, and it can be shared with other Red e App users. In time, hyperlocal communities will be fostered with Red e App. Red e App gives choice to the consumer to determine what messaging is most relevant, and places it in a user-friendly environment that links the consumer to your brand. 

Consider Red e App as you press ahead for social engagement to multiple channels . . .

Dawn Yankeelov
President of Aspectx, on behalf of Red e App

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