Email will die

RIP EMAILEmail was a revolutionary form of communication in the early 90s. It even came close to killing the snail mail letter you send to your grandma every Christmas. But can it survive the next generation of college graduates entering the workforce?

According to a brief survey on, the  average desk worker sends between 20-50 emails per day. Many email users state that the majority of their communication for work is done via email. According to there are 108.7 billion business emails sent per day alone. This is the workplace standard in  2015, but it is slowly changing.

According to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, email will no longer be the standard for communication. “In consumer technology, if you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow, whether it is in business or pleasure, you look at what teenagers are doing today, and the latest figures say that only 11% of teenagers email daily.” Sheryl, goes on to explain that the use of SMS and increased use in social networking will in fact make email as archaic as our old Titanic double VHS tapes.

Now the question arises, what will replace email for non-desk workers and desk workers alike? How will employees get the “memo”?

Based on our client experience, organizations find mobile messaging to be most effective for real-time communications to employees. This is especially important for non-desk workers in factories and logistics, or in the restaurant industry where decisions need to be made fast and scheduling shifts is a work of art. A dedicated channel for employee communications is key to emphasizing the importance of a message rather than having critical messages enter a cluttered inbox.

In the next 15 years, email as we know it will die, and it will be for the best. Email will give way to more innovative, targeted, and reliable forms of communications all in one platform to keep business more organized. Just think, you will never have to be the recipient of an irrelevant reply-all group again.

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