Is an employee app right for you?

Most enterprises have employees dispersed across many locations, often in many countries. This creates tremendous communication challenges, and it’s no surprise that organizations are turning to technology to help bridge the gap.

Want to know if an employee app is right for you?  Watch the webinar replay

On Demand Webinar - Employee App

The webinar will help you better understand one of the hottest trends in corporate communications with tangible stats you can take back to your team for consideration.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons leaders and communicators are considering these tools, such as:

  • Majority of workforce is non-desk
  • Smartphone ownership and employee behavior
  • Real-time notifications and secure file sharing
  • Ability to measure engagement, attrition and compliance
  • Unify communication across silos

Listen to the replay to learn how mobile can make a tangible difference for your company, leaders and employees.

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

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