Employee engagement strategies for non-desk workers

Our CEO and founder, Jonathan Erwin, recently spoke to the IABC Louisville chapter regarding his passion for employee engagement. View the  presentation including five video clips …

Jonathan’s countless meetings with communicators, CIOs, COOs, and HR managers has assisted him in creating five strategies for better engagement. These strategies are greatly influenced by mobile’s impact on our behavior shifts.

1. Shorten the message: Provide employees bite-sized messaging that leads to full stories.


2. Listen actively: Create content in the context that employees want to hear it, see it, and access it. Let your content provide them with youtility, be helpful and not just declarative.


3. Give employees a voice: Encourage interactions, involve employees in your content creation and distribution.


4. Have no fear: Take risks and be innovative.


5. Measure your activity: Gain insight to influence topics, timing, and channels.


For a fun twist on an over-analyzed topic, Jonathan used the Dr Suess movie “Horton Hears a Who” as his inspiration. Just as Horton is listening and attempting to give the specks a voice, so too are internal communicators.

Communicators and business leaders are seeking new and creative ways to inspire employees and make them feel a part of the culture. This is especially challenging in organizations with predominantly non-desk workers – workers that do have an electronic connection to the organization (email, chat, and collaboration tools).

Following Jonathan’s strategies is a great place to start no matter the tool(s) currently being utilized. Of course, we believe Red e App is the most comprehensive tool for mobile messaging and content distribution.

Let us know which tools you are using and the strategies you find to be most effective. We enjoy discussing tool options and sharing our comparative data research.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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