Employee safety during a hurricane begins with real-time communication

Real-time communications are most needed during times of crisis. When disaster strikes, a company’s number one priority is the safety of its employees. Any communication method that takes more than 10 minutes to reach employees isn’t going to cut it. Red e App has many customers that live on the East Coast, and during Hurricane Matthew, Red e App was used by these companies to keep their employees informed and safe during the natural disaster. Here are some of the specific ways Red e App was used:
  • Emergency protocol: Facility evacuations and closures, parking changes, information on reporting to work during an emergency, and the hurricane hotline phone number were all sent out via Red e App. Hurricane hotlines are phone numbers that employees can call to get detailed updates.
  • Weather updates: Information on which surrounding counties were on Hurricane Watch and what phone number to call if there is a need for hurricane-related assistance. They also sent out school closures for surrounding counties.
  • Community alerts: Updates on storm movement and when local stores were closing so that employees would know where they could get food/supplies.
  • Assistance: Companies sent messages offering their help or assistance finding shelter. Employees could simply reply to the message. This is a great practice and we encourage more companies to facilitate two-way communications during a crisis.
Employee safety begins with real-time communication. Communication empowers employees to make informed decisions. Websites and hotlines are not real-time or measurable — individual employees are responsible for checking a website or calling the hotline. Whereas with Red e App, our customers can push the notifications directly to all employees affected by an announcement. The employer can guarantee that all employees have received the information.

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