Social Media Today: Everyone wins when employees are easier to communicate with

Social-Media-TodayOver the last 10 years the way that we communicate to others has completely changed: from email to ordering pizza’s through an app, we can do nearly all of the communicating we need to through a laptop or phone. But one demographic continues to be ignored, the hourly employee, who makes up more than 60% of the American work force.

Little innovations can change big problems though, and Social Media Today thinks that Red e App can help connect the people that are stuck communicating the same way they did in 1978… or even 1938.

“Following in the footsteps of small innovations that solve big problems, Louisville-based entrepreneur Jonathan Erwin and his team at Red e App have created an app that seeks to leverage mobile technology, narrowing the communications gap between large companies and their dispersed workforce.


What you find in many companies today is that the communication with the hourly workforce is exactly the same as it was in 1978, possibly even 1938.” Erwin explains. ‘When you have a crisis or a weather related closing, do you have a call tree or can you instantly message hourly workers with a few taps on a screen? If you aren’t communicating with them where and how they communicate, you are, in essence, disenfranchising them. Technology is such that we can all do better.'”

“We’ve seen great advancements in technology within just the last decade, and it’s no secret that innovation has a long history of bringing positive changes to every facet of our lives. In fact, the way we communicate with each other has completely changed, due in part to the advent of mobile technologies that make instant conversations across great distances a reality.


Strangely enough, it can be difficult to find connection in such a connected world. However, communication – the ability to convey thoughts and ideas to another – is a part of what makes us human, so who wouldn’t want access to applications that make that particular aspect of humanity easier and more accessible?


Especially in the workplace.”

To read more about how Red e App’s focus on changing communication in the workplace will result in everyone winning, read more here from Social Media Today.

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