Execution in a startup is like a powerful If-Then statement

One of the best things about creating, building and growing a business are the micro victories that happen every day. Let’s face it, there are very little quarterly and annual objectives, and future planning that can realistically take place, as things change so rapidly. 

One thing my team is great at is, executing on a daily basis. Or to put it a little softer, trying stuff. We try lots of stuff, everyday, and it really helps us know what works and what doesn’t. We learn equally from failure as we do success.

We aren’t shop owners of priceless antiquities. We are software people, communicators and plain ‘ol business folks. We can’t really break anything, so why not try – and why not try everyday. Why not come out of the day and say, “well, we acted on that, sold that, communicated that, developed that, bought that – sure hope it works!” 

As long as we are able to look back and learn from it. IF this didn’t work THEN we must go a different direction. 

These IF/THEN statements are a very important rudder in a ship that might have holes in the hull, rips in the sail and a one eyed captain. But they teach us and move us forward everyday.

Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO

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