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TechRepublic featured an in-depth review of Red e App’s capabilities, measurement tools, and our path for growth – Red e App offers private mobile messaging for non-desk workers, protects internal communication.

Just as important as external marketing to customers and prospects, is a company’s ability to market and measure internal communication. The ability to provide consistent messaging is important to customers and employees, especially in these times of real-time sharing. Messaging poses a significant challenge in the  healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries where corporate email is not the norm for non-desk workers.

Red e App empowers frontline sales associatesCompany-wide blast emails are obnoxious and mobile apps offer employers a way to reach workers on their own terms. “The idea is one platform, single workflow, complete visibility and transparency, and a single window for all of the employees as they come into an organization,” Jonathan Erwin, Red e App founder and CEO said.

Our retail customer, Wireless Zone, says, “[Red e App] allow us [Wireless Zone] to push information quickly, safely, and effectively without going through the layers; empowering our frontline sales associates.”

For companies like Wireless Zone that have many non-disclosure agreements in place and need to send proprietary information the safety features of Red e App are the most important. The challenge for them is how to disseminate timely information that is not easily shareable. Kevin Downs, their Director of Marketing, said he likes the ability to push information at different levels of hierarchy.

Another unique feature of Red e App is the administrative dashboard. Employers can see what time of day a message was read, what day of the week it was read, how long employees spent on it, and even what mobile carrier they used to access the message. This data helps managers see how close they are to 100% compliance on people reading a message or completing a training.

By measuring data on employee communication, the hope is that you can see if that data informs the customer experience. Many companies take great pains to make sure they have consistent messaging across the board for both customers and employees. Companies measure click-through rates and engagement for customer messaging and Red e App is providing that same data for employees.

Read the complete article at Red e App offers private mobile messaging for non-desk workers, protects internal communication.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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