Forbes: Red e App allows companies to communicate with hourly employees

Forbes UpdatesMost software tools are made for people that sit at computers all day. The problem with this is that more than 50% of the workforce are hourly employees who don’t even have company email, much less a dedicated work computer.

How do you communicate with this massive segment of the workforce? Or send them documents and training videos? Or tell them job well done? Forbes says Red e App is the answer:

“Red e App allows employers to reach these mobile devices through a secure enterprise platform that comes with most of the advantages of an internal email system without some of its costs and risks.

The app provides employees a message inbox and a way to answer coworkers’ queries and notes. It also allows employers to ping workers with with push notifications for important messages. Just like with an enterprise email platform, companies can add and remove employees in the system with ease.

Fortune 100 companies are noticing the profound impact that being able privately to send messages, files, and videos to employees can bring. In today’s data driven world of measurement, break room posters are no longer cutting it.

“Just like an advanced email tool, Red e App gives its administrators the ability to see read rates. Hospice care provider Hosparus sends 50,000 messages per month through Red e App, and sees a 98% read rate.

Like most enterprise platforms, Red e App encrypts its back-and-forth data and all documents stored within its system. Employees can be booted from the system on command, and their device wiped of its Red e App data remotely.”

Read Forbes full article about Red e App and the future of internal communications with hourly employees.

Red e App can help your company achieve these same, data driven communications efficiencies. Contact us and we will be happy to show you how.


Ryson Walden
Marketing Coordinator

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