From Turnover to Millennial Learning: Mobile’s Impact on the Recruitment Field

Mobile’s Impact on the Recruitment FieldAs teleworking increases at organizations and technology evolves, communication challenges typically arise. How do companies adjust their communications and recruiting practices to keep up with the technology shift towards mobile?

Patrick Goodman, Red e App’s Product Director, provided his insight to to help their readers understand more about the significance of mobile on the recruitment field. Read the article to discover Patrick’s perspective on the impact of mobile on recruitment, turnover and even learning capabilities of today’s top talent.

Mobile is becoming the connection point for our personal and professional lives. Many start the day – even before getting out of bed – by checking out their favorite social media app and likewise, end the day by looking at their calendar to see what to plan for tomorrow. Some even use their mobile device as their alarm clock (this author proudly points the finger at himself regarding this one).

Several studies note that people on average check their mobile devices constantly during the day.

A mobile addiction? Maybe. The new reality. Definitely.

So how has this impacted the recruitment process? Simple: If you want to find new talent, be on mobile. If you hope to retain great talent, be on mobile.

For example, if you’re a company HR pro wanting to find new talent, you must be able to speak social and mobile. Potential applicants are looking at a company’s “digital voice” by lurking on their Facebook and Twitter pages long before the interview. They’re also exploring a company’s LinkedIn page and seeing who they may have connections with that either work there or can connect with to find out what the real company culture is like.

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