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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a retired military officer. It’s easy to push my patriot button, and I’m a flag waver. No doubt about it.

But that doesn’t mean I like the thought of my government snooping into my private affairs without just cause. That’s a fine line, I realize. How do we prevent ugly situations like Oklahoma City or Waco without preemptive surveillance? I’m not smart enough to say. I believe we have to have rules and observance of rules in civilized society, but I also believe in the deeply-rooted American tenet of privacy.

I recently read of a new government data center, to be built in Utah, that’s purportedly to be used for cyber security. However, government officials, when questioned by Congress, recently hemmed and hawed about the facility’s use for email snooping and general Internet traffic analysis (as well as SMS “text message” interception). Basically their lack of denial indicates the strong possibility the facility will, in fact, be reading (and for legal reasons, storing) everyone’s email. If you’re a terrorist, I hope you’re caught before you (in cowardice) harm anyone.

However, for law-abiding citizens, and speaking for myself personally, I find this intrusion into my personal and business affairs disturbing.

Here at Red e App, we offer your enterprise a way to communicate in a secure, scalable manner. Our system was designed with your privacy in mind, and while no system connected to the Internet is impenetrable, we made every attempt to follow current best-practice guidelines for security, data integrity, and privacy. We built it to be scalable to meet your growing private mobile communication needs.

Knowing this, I can’t help but believe that by using our system, that data center I mentioned shouldn’t be able to read your Red e App messages without legal jurisdiction.

Kenn Scribner
Red e App VP of Platform Engineering

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