Heine Brothers’ Coffee uses Red e App to reach employees who never read email

Red e App client, Heine Brothers’ Coffee, is featured in a CITE World Tales from the Cloud article, How do you reach employees who never read email? This company figured it out. The small chain of coffee shops based in Louisville, Kentucky recently realized its workers are essentially the original BYOD employees.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee faced a road block when trying to deliver important messages to workers. For instance, it might need employees to fill out health benefit paperwork by a certain deadline. It also needs to let workers know about new promotions.

Heine Brothers Coffee“We invest a large portion of sales into marketing and we have no way to communicate some of these very important and timely marketing campaigns to our cashiers on the front lines. Customers would come in who had gotten a promotion before the barista was aware of it,” said Chris Lavenson, vice president and owner of the company.

That’s because Heine Brothers was sending messages to the personal email addresses that workers offered, but only getting around a 20 percent open rate. The company began to look for a better way to communicate with workers.

Heine Brothers’ 240 employees are spread around 14 coffee shops and tend to be young and technically savvy, Lavenson said. “But many of them don’t have a home computer or a desk. Certainly not an office with a computer that we’ve furnished,” he said.

They do, however, live on their smartphones.

Heine Brothers’ decided to sign up for Red e App. Employees can be removed from the Heine Brothers’ network any time, if, for instance, the employee leaves the company, and can even remotely remove company documents that have been sent to the employee.

Heine Brothers’ is getting “if not 100 percent, 98 percent open rates,” he said.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director


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