Hourly employees want to be engaged with their employer

When hourly workers do bad things, we hear all about it. When you’re talking about 60% of the US workforce, of course there will be bad apples, but the good news for you is that they are by far the minority.

Our recently published Profile of the Hourly Worker revealed that not only are actively disengaged hourly workers the minority, 80%+ agree in some form that they want to be more involved with their company and would like to have better communication with their company.

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Unfortunately, as you can see above, the percentage of employees who think their company offers a good future career path is nearly 10% points higher. While hourly employees want more involvement and communication from their company, more than 25% of them are pretty pessimistic about their future career path with the company. As we addressed in this infographic, engagement is even worse for retail employees.

If you have downloaded The Profile of the Hourly Worker, one thing you will notice is that hourly employees are more loyal than you likely expected, and this chart reinforces that, with 40% of hourly employees explicitly disagreeing with the notion that employees do not stay at their company very long. We will address this loyalty and what it means in more detail in future blog posts.

Hourly employees are feeling disengaged: they want involvement and communication. How, as an employer, do you improve engagement? To prevent this from being a long form blog instead of a quick rundown of our eBook, you can guess how we think you can improve: try out communicating with your employees through an app.

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Profile of the Hourly Worker’s first report — Demographics, Devices and Disconnection — was released in November 2015. It is an independent survey conducted by Edison Research on behalf of Red e App to discover insights and details about the United States hourly workforce.

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