Hourly workers are far more than fast food clerks

When the average person thinks of the hourly worker, fast food and retail clerks come to mind. Would it surprise you that 70 percent of all hourly workers are actually employed full time? Did you know  that 11 percent of all hourly workers work in healthcare?

Better yet, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 56.7 percent of the entire U.S. workforce is paid hourly. We’re certain more than half of all people working aren’t doing so at McDonald’s, even if there is one on nearly every corner.

Red e App’s new research project, Profile of the Hourly Worker, was conducted by Edison Research. The report turns away many of the major assumptions about the hourly workforce. Looking at the hourly workforce by industry is quite revealing:



While retail leads the list of defined industry segments with 13 percent of all hourly workers claiming it as their industry, you have to dig deep to find the restaurant worker. Only five percent of hourly workers report being in that industry, which also includes wait staff, cooks, bartenders and more.

Just more than 1 in 10 hourly workers are in healthcare. Another 1 in 10 work in education. As we prepared Profile of the Hourly Worker, we’ve found more and more broad assumptions thwarted by our research. 

Editor’s Note: Profile of the Hourly Worker is slated for release in November. It is an independent survey conducted by Edison Research on behalf of Red e App to discover insights and details about the United States hourly workforce. To request a copy of the report, just drop us your name and email address on the report page.

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