Hourly workers are tech-savvy and are craving connection with their employer

The advent of the internet and evolution of mobile devices have shortened the once lengthy lines of personal communication considerably. While communication has gotten shorter and stronger, it’s also opened the gateway to a new world of connection.

This need for human connection isn’t new, yet, often overlooked are hourly employees as a technology savvy workforce seeking connection to their companies beyond clocking in and out each shift.

For the first time in the history of the hourly workforce, we’ve uncovered data that showcases a labor segment already equipped with connectivity. In fact, 84% of hourly workers own a smartphone and 69% own a tablet. These high percentages of device ownership reveal a workforce nearing a technological saturation point.


Despite the eye-opening percentages of ownership, there’s another behavior further proving the benefit of securely connecting with employees on their mobile device. Some 72% of hourly workers use their smartphones as a means of accessing the internet, demonstrating their desire to connect on devices they usually keep with them throughout their work day.

Hourly employees are not a splintered workforce behind the curve in technology adoption. Rather, their surging with the mobile boon; inviting their employers to connect with them on devices they already own and enjoy operating.

How are you connecting with your hourly employees? Are you considering mobile? We’re happy to share our lessons learned from helping many companies transition from traditional comms channels to using mobile, give us a call.

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