How an accountable care CIO handles mHealth security

Red e App client, Quality Independent Physicians (QIP), is featured in a Health IT Security article, How an accountable care CIO handles mHealth security. QIP is a 1000-member ACO (accountable care organization) using Red e App as their secure and compliant communications platform for mobile messaging and file sharing.

Red e App Healthcare NetworkPart of the ACO’s mission is to ensure that Medicare patient data attributed to accountable care is communicated securely from various sites of care, such as hospital, nurses, nursing homes, back to the primary care providers (PCPs) via mobile devices. So QIP looked for a way for care coordinators, such as nurses out visiting patients at various hospitals and nursing homes, to communicate patient care metrics or details back to the doctors or office managers.

They can’t text or email the doctors because the messages contain protected health information (PHI). We had been faxing information to the offices and had looked at other solutions such as secure email, but quite frankly, you’re not going to get a doctor to log into another website to retrieve an email. And there needs to be instantaneous communication with the doctors.

QIP ended up choosing Red e App to allow on-site clinical staff to communicate back to the in-office doctors. For example, Samuels said, a nurse would text a doctor saying that a patient was just released from the hospital today and she needs to stop by the office to do med reconciliation or a home health review. The application can authenticate clinicians, nurses and administrators into a mobile network that helps QIP maintain HIPAA compliance. Data is encrypted in motion and at rest and there is a direct, secure connection back to their servers and to the application. Another use case for QIP is that office managers can now get patient information such as addresses, because the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) doesn’t provide them, that it previously had to encrypt on thumb drives and teach them how to decrypt.

With the Red e App, we can just take an Excel spread sheet and send it to the office manager and they can do whatever they want with it. We looked at other offerings with similar technology, but there was too much there in terms of functionality and we just need a simple tool to communicate back and forth.

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