How does mobile work in Human Resources?

Ever wondered how mobile tech fits into the world of Human Resources? You’re in luck.

Watch a replay of Hannah Beasley’s webinar: Why does mobile work in Human Resources?

Topics include:

  • How can having a mobile strategy help in recruiting?
  • How can mobile help with your employee communications?

Some stats to consider:

  • Lower income and “smartphone-dependent” users are especially likely to turn to their phones for navigating job and employment resources.
  • They are 2x more likely to search for job postings on mobile.
  • They are 4x more likely to apply for a job on mobile.

In this webinar we discuss how to make your candidate experience more mobile friendly.

In addition, we discuss the ineffectiveness of current communications with an hourly, non-desk workforce, including the cost of miscommunication. Non-linear communications and a platform for feedback are very important in reducing miscommunication in your organization.

Watch the 25-minute webinar:

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