How to measure employee morale

Employee satisfaction survey resultsI met with a client today to share the exciting new features coming soon to the Red e App administration portal. As I reviewed improvements to our analytics, this client began discussing areas of his organization – such as safety, cost, efficiency – that are strictly managed and measured.

Leadership teams carefully target and strategize efforts to improve each area, but most importantly, they measure each area to identify progress and benchmark success. Our client then reached the final category they work on: morale.

Whereas the other categories have carefully crafted success plans and meticulous analytics, morale includes “softer” elements and success is difficult to benchmark. To use the client’s words, “We’re just kind of throwing stuff at a wall and hoping something sticks with morale.”

If you have read anything about employee engagement in the last year, you are well aware that morale is a HUGE factor in organizational productivity. Companies are losing $11 billion annually due to employee turnover, and companies with engaged employees (better morale) are outperforming those without by 202%.

Employee morale is an area that can no longer be ignored – it’s “the elephant in the conference room” according to Zane Safrit that absolutely impacts the bottom line, and it’s time for everyone to start talking about it.

Red e App is making this vague and indefinable category that drives company success quantifiable for the first time for non-desk workers.

Sure, you can measure intranet activity and learn form Yammer work pattens, but this leaves out a huge portion of the workforce: non-desk, field-based, and hourly employees. In the Red e App administrative portal, company stakeholders can measure engagement for ALL employees by understanding what kind of messages resonate with their employees and when their employees like to be contacted. Along with an array of other analytics, the portal also facilitates secure, controlled feedback directly from your front-line employees.

So, how are you measuring morale? Are you assigning numbers and values to measure your activities, or are you aimlessly putting together strategies and hoping something works?

Hannah Beasley
Client Development

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