How to recruit the best employees and retain them after they are hired

What employees wantEmployees can be terrific salespeople for your company. In fact, regular employees are the most trusted source in your company on information like work environment, integrity, innovation, and business practices. People even find regular employees to be more trustworthy than the CEO.

Employees aren’t always comfortable taking initiative and being advocates for their company, though. This is why creating a culture where employees are happy to share company success externally is important for marketing and retention.

What is the first step to creating the culture? Give your employees a voice. You cannot expect employees to share content externally if they are not educated on how to do so and they do not have a way to share and communicate internally.

After you have given your employees a medium for communication, Altimeter CEO Charlene Li has identified some best practices for the next steps to empower employees:

Encourage and empower employees to identify content needs or stories worth spreading. For example, if they are in customer support and see people frequently struggling with a device setting or if sales sees a knowledge gap that interrupts the buying process, they can flag a content need.

Operationalize with internal enterprise social networks that highlight content best practices, provide case studies, and solicit ongoing feedback.

One of the most interesting predictions in the report is that companies with a strong culture of content will make content a part of the hiring process. This is less about aptitude (e.g. a talent for writing) and more about attitude — an enthusiasm to for participation, storytelling, sharing,or otherwise contributing to the content process.

You can use this culture of content to not only help during the recruiting process, but to help retain your high performing employees as well. When employees have a way to spread content, they also have the channels necessary for consistent feedback.

A recent SAP study found that a major contributing factor to job satisfaction from high performing employees was feedback. Employees expect a monthly sit down with their managers, and an employee communications app can give managers a convenient, direct channel to give this feedback regularly. Compared to other factors that increase job satisfaction like salary and bonuses, this is a steal.

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Ryson Walden
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