HR trends to watch in 2016

HR Tech was bigger than ever this year, with attendance up 20% for the sixth year in a row. Red e App was there … hitting the expo hall floor and bumping elbows with the industry experts. Were you there and able to come find us in the midst of all the chaos and excitement?

The best part (beside the Wallflowers concert) was talking to all of the participants about how Red e App can help them communicate to their hourly employees. When we asked executives about how they were doing this currently, we kept hearing a common answer: “We just aren’t. And it’s a problem.”

It was great seeing them connect to the idea that they could make benefits documents, employee handbooks, and policies immediately available to their thousands of employees who previously were cut off from this information. Especially when they had to make a quick amendment, the updates could be implemented immediately across every user’s device. Imagine printing out 20,000 employee handbooks, distributing them (which is another challenge in itself) and only then realizing there is a glaring mistake that needs to be corrected … AH!

Join us and JWT Inside for a webinar recap of HR Tech (video replay).

HR TECH Trends to Watch


Hear more about how Red e App equips HR teams with the tools to connect to their unconnected employees, learn about additional leading technologies for Human Resources, and get a recap of the 2015 HR Technology Conference.

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