The intern perspective of working at a startup

Mr. Taylor

I was looking at internships, and all that seemed to be available was corporate job, after corporate job, after yet another corporate job; then, I found Red e App! When I emailed my resume and cover letter into the website, I had no idea this was going to be the moment I became so swept up with the startup movement.

Working at Red e App has taught me that I can actually LOVE my job. When I accepted my internship offer from Red e App, I was told, “be prepared for the hardest job you’ll ever love!” CEO, Jonathan Erwin could have not been more accurate when making this statement.






You are often assigned tasks that you are not familiar with and sometimes work odd hours (yes, including the occasional Saturday). However, it’s worth it. I’ve made genuine friendships, I’ve learned what it’s like to build a company, and most importantly, I’ve learned to accept change.

The startup community is a world that revolves around fun, spontaneity, and stress all under one umbrella. Interning at a startup typically means you are fortunate enough to work from home sometimes, have a cocktail in the office, all while having a flexible schedule.

Just sit back, relax, and see what startup life is all about!

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