Introducing secure file and video sharing for hourly employees

Red e App users can now share and store files with the app’s new file-sharing feature, bringing safe, secure and private file and video sharing to hourly, front-line and non-desk employees for the first time. The new, Dropbox-like feature gives employees digital access to corporate calendars, benefits, job descriptions, employee recognition, training videos, and more (view the press release).

Hearth & Home Technologies uses Red e App as a repository for its Benefits documents (organized by folder) such as 401k, FSA, medical and dental. Employees also have digital access to the calendars, newsletters, job descriptions and announcements.
Red e App serves as a repository for a company’s Benefits documents (organized by folder) such as 401k, FSA, medical and dental. Employees also have digital access to calendars, newsletters, job descriptions and announcements.


Imagine this scenario: You’re the senior vice president of human resources at a big industrial company and your team has just made important updates to the company handbook. Now you have to distribute this to all 50,000 employees across the world. How will you do so?

If every employee had a corporate email address, this wouldn’t be an issue. But a majority of your employees are production workers and don’t have email. Instead, you have to print the handbook, bind them, ship them to their homes and hope that everyone has received and read the information. You better cross your fingers that there aren’t any typos either, because then you’ll have to repeat this entire process.

Not anymore. Red e App has made communication between the non-desk worker and the company easier with our new file sharing service. Documents and files are available in real-time from their mobile device, and can be kept up-to-date without the need to print each time there is an edit. No longer are documents only available in the break room or the HR office.

We think of it as Dropbox for the hourly employee. It’s very easy to use. Administrators can upload files, create folders and store an unlimited number of documents and videos. You can then share each folder or document with anyone in your organization’s network – from one person to a department or group, all the way to all 50,000 employees in your company. Employees access documents from the “Files” menu within the app.

Since employees may have questions about the information you provide them, they can simply reply to you to ask questions. You can respond as you would to any message, all through the app. No longer do off-site employees have to go through massive red tape to get the answers they need.

Red e App’s file-sharing feature will save time and money, while fostering smoother communication throughout the organization.

At Red e App, we believe every single employee should feel connected to the company and their co-workers and colleagues, no matter their position or schedule. Our new file sharing service is another step in making that vision a reality.

If you have any questions about our new file sharing service, feel free to contact us.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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