Kevin Hoag of Magna Engineered Glass honored as Unsung Hero

Employee Engagement Awards

Kevin is leading the project to implement a digital channel for employee communications at Magna Engineered Glass.

On June 8, Kevin received honors for his efforts to revolutionize employee engagement and culture at Magna Engineered Glass. He was named “Highly Commended” for the Unsung Hero Award at the 2017 Employee Engagement Summit in Chicago.

“I’m excited to be recognized for my efforts to bring mobile communication to my colleagues. We knew there had to be a way using technology to address language barriers, reduce the excessive paperwork and reach employees that aren’t connected to corporate email,” said Kevin, Magna’s Training and Development manager.

Magna is using Red e App as their secure channel for real-time messaging and feedback, mobile access to documents and forms, and to support multiple language needs.

Kevin began the project by surveying employees to determine the most important issues to them and was able to address their concerns. Surveying employees, acknowledging their feedback and taking immediate action is the best way to ensure long-term interest in the program and app. The top two concerns were identified as job postings and overtime communication.

Kevin added both the job openings list and overtime communication to Red e App. Employees now have access to this important information that improves their daily productivity, reduces the time to process job requests and ensures that employees are aware of their overtime schedule.

Without Red e App, employees had to check the bulletin board for job postings (thus always be on-site to see updates), fill out a slip of paper to indicate interest, submit the form to HR, and wait for a response. That entire workflow can now be done within Red e App which means faster feedback loops

This award is designed to recognize that one person in the company who embodies Employee Engagement – someone that doesn’t touch strategy or the boardroom but inspires others and is an example employee of how to perform. 

Congratulations Kevin!

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