Kick your restaurant into high gear with these seven mobile apps

Top Apps SocialDealing with a customer’s cold soup? There’s an app for that. Managing the seating of the Smith family, party of 30? There’s an app for that, too. Many, in fact.

Mobile apps have revolutionized nearly every industry, and restaurants are no exception. New mobile apps have changed the way people order, pay, and provide feedback to the restaurant. Some apps aren’t seen by the customer, but they have disrupted older ways of managing inventory, staffing and sales.

Despite these advancements, many restaurants — particularly smaller, non-chain establishments – remain stuck in the last century. By not using new technology, smaller businesses risk losing customers, especially younger ones, to more digitally savvy, engaged and efficient businesses.

If you manage a restaurant that hasn’t quite caught up with the mobile revolution, check out these seven apps revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Consider giving them a try.

1. Lettuce + Quickbooks: In order to manage everything from sales to customer experience, it could take several different apps. But inventory management app Lettuce doesn’t just monitor inventory; it provides a single app to help track a wide range of different metrics for your business. (

2. Foursquare for Business: It’s 2015 – connecting with your customers digitally is an absolute must. Foursquare for Business allows restaurateurs to connect with customers directly. It also provides a platform for restaurateurs to post pictures, menus, specials and updates. (

3. Revel Systems: A major complaint from restaurant employees is out-of-date POS systems. Revel Systems overhauls these services by making sure that financials, inventory, sales and scheduling are done in one app. (

4. NoWait Host: Those pesky pagers used to seat people are expensive and downright annoying. NoWait Host eliminates the need by managing reservations, wait lists and seating for guests. When a table is ready, guests will be notified through their smartphones.     (

5. ChowNow: If the makers of this app had their way, the traditional menu would go the way of the dinosaurs. ChowNow gives diners access to your menu through its app or through the restaurant’s website and Facebook page. Moreover, diners can customize their order, checkout and receive a notification when the food is ready. (

6. TabbedOut: Having to wait on the check when they’re itching to get going can make your diners crazy. TabbedOut provides a secure payment option directly on the phone, allowing foodies to avoid the hassle of waiting for that check to come back.  (

7. RewardLoop: Many customers can’t possibly fit another loyalty card into their overstuffed wallets or crowded key rings. Fortunately, RewardLoop allows diners to collect rewards for each visit by scanning the receipt with their phones instead. And for restaurant leaders, valuable insights are gleaned about purchasing and visiting habits. (


Have any other mobile app ideas for your business? Feel free to mention them in the comments section or drop us a line at

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