Lessons I’ve learned as a startup founder

Startup Lesson #1: Take RisksJonathan Erwin, Red e App’s Founder and CEO, provided five tips for startups and their founders in a VC-List guest blog post, Lessons I’ve Learned as a Startup Founder.

With 20+ years in executive, sales, and marketing roles for early-stage companies, Jonathan speaks from tremendous experience and he provides helpful advice to motivated startups and their founders to stay focused and optimistic in the face of rejection.

My background is in technology sales and marketing, so I learned early in my career that some of the best ideas will die before stage one, and some ideas that do not seem special will take off and become successful. A lot of people will tell you no, whether your idea is great or not. I have formed something of immunity to rejection over the course of twenty years in the world of sales.

There are as many paths to founding a successful startup as there are people with ideas, but I have found a few rules to be true in most cases. As a supporter of the tech startup community, I’d like to share the lessons I’ve learned.

    1. Take risks and embrace change
    2. Build relationships
    3. Become a sales maven (or find a salesperson you trust)
    4. Allow you idea to evolve
    5. Patience

Read the full article at Lessons I’ve Learned as a Startup Founder.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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