Looking for enterprise mobile messaging? TechRepublic says to keep an eye on Red e App

Tech RepublicBeing able to quickly and securely communicate is one of the enterprise’s biggest needs. Until BYOD came along, there was not a good way for employers to communicate with their employees. Sure, there is corporate email, but 60% of the workforce are hourly employees who typically are not given corporate email, and most do not sit at a desk.

How do you communicate with these employees? The importance of engaging them cannot be understated. They are of utmost importance, as they drive the bottom line. In addition to that, each one of these employees is an advocate for your brand, and you want them to be connected and proud of what they do.

That is where Red e App comes in, and is the reason TechRepublic recently featured Red e App as one of 5 enterprise messaging startups to watch.  From the article:

Red e App is an enterprise messaging solution that is geared toward non-desk workers who might not have the same access to corporate tools that in-office employees do. The app works with existing enterprise software to create an SSO experience, allowing users to authenticate with the corporate ID, as employees in the field sometimes do not have a company email account.


Administrators can push messages to groups of users at different levels, or in different groups. They then have access to the data regarding which users read the message, when those users read it, and whether or not they opened any attached files. This is especially helpful for departments that need to see compliance progress on a mandatory message.

Read the complete article, 5 enterprise messaging startups to watch. If you’re interested in how Red e App is different from the other enterprise mobile messaging platforms on the list, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk.

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