Loyal employees think in years, not hours

Loyalty is an admirable attribute and often difficult to find, especially amongst employees. Gone are the days of “one-and-done” careers many in the baby boomer generation experienced – gaining initial employment and remaining with the same company or business until retirement.

Retail Hourly EmployeeWith the advent of the internet, ensuing mobile workforce and lack of traditional pension plans, it’s not surprising to see company loyalty dwindle. What may surprise you, however, are how loyal hourly workers remain to their employers.

Often associated with high turnover rates and seasonal shifts, the data gathered from our Profile of the Hourly Worker simply refutes the assumption the hourly workforce is fickle and fleeting.

In fact, 63% of hourly workers have been with their company for more than two years. And it doesn’t stop there, 40% of those same hourly workers have been with their company for five years or longer. 

Analyzing each industry segment provides interesting insights as well. Healthcare and education lead the way in employee loyalty, with nearly 60% of their employees maintaining a tenure of more than five years.

On the flip side, the only industry suffering from significant turnover is the restaurant industry. However, even that seasonally driven service industry proved to be an outlier – 11% of restaurant employees reported tenures of five years or more.

These statistics showcase the hourly worker as a loyal employee, measuring their time with an employer in years and not hours. For industries lacking in loyalty, I suggest polling your employees about engagement and communication . . . Do they want to be more involved? What messages are they missing? Are they interested in digital communication? 

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Profile of the Hourly Worker’s first report — Demographics, Devices and Disconnection — was released in November 2015. It is an independent survey conducted by Edison Research on behalf of Red e App to discover insights and details about the United States hourly workforce.

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