Messaging practices of the pros: Content Calendars


When executed properly, a content calendar is an excellent way to strategically send messages in a way that reinforces your strong engagement levels with your team and brings them back into Red e App regularly. (This post can apply to any internal communications app, but we prefer Red e App because we think it is the best.)

What is a content calendar?

The best way for me to explain that is to show you.  Here is a great example of an internal communications content calendar:

Zeng Co. Schedule

The first thing I want to point out that makes this a successful calendar is the frequency of communications.

We encourage companies to communicate with everyone at least once a week (three times a week is great), and to send messages on a regular schedule (MWF at 3pm, or end of shift). Regularly timed messages will create a positive habit of keeping up with company comms while also removing any need for employees to regularly check their phones for messages. This will also help employees know that irregular messages probably mean an emergency is happening and to take heed.

Another thing I want to point out is that the “human” admin is sending out at least one message a week to their team. If all of the communications come from the company, they will lose interest. Keep communications human, with a real name and face attached. We call these human admins Mobile Notifiers. Mobile Notifiers are typically direct managers or supervisors so their messages are also more relevant to the specific group they are sending to and less “corporate-y.” We have also found that mobile notifier messages have a higher read rate than network messages from the company; normally around 10-15% higher. Without the jargon that means humans get much higher read rates.

Remember you have the option to save messages as templates, as well as Scheduling messages to go out at another date and time. For regular communications, set aside some time at the beginning of your week to schedule messages and then you are worry free.

The content of messages will vary from company to company, but this example has a good key of relevant and necessary message types.

Need help creating a content calendar for your company? Let us know and we will help.

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