#MobileCha​t No. 8 with Mocapay

#MobileChat No. 7 with Holly Kolman was very informative for those considering mobile web site development and if “responsive design” is best for your company or brand. Here’s the #MobileChat Storify of the Q/A if you missed it.

mocapayOur guest for Wednesday September 19th at 9pm ET is @Mocapay. This will be the first guest on #MobileChat to focus on mobile rewards, loyalty, and a very hot trend, mobile payments.

So, what is Mocapay? Here’s how they describe themselves.

– We’re an innovative software company—dedicated to coming up with smart solutions that mobile-enable your marketing, coupons, loyalty programs and gift cards increase your sales and leave a smaller footprint on our world.

– We’re also mobile marketing experts. We read the latest research. We listen to our customers. And we come up with solutions that fit the world we live in today—a world where over five billion people have mobile phones and nearly 50% of those people have made a mobile purchase in the last six months.

– And we’re problem-solvers. We care about your business, your concerns, your questions and your success. And we want to help.

Mocapay will be a great addition to the #MobileChat tribe not simply because they KNOW a ton about the mobile marketing and loyalty space, but more so because they CARE about helping companies navigate the ever-shifiting waters of mobile.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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