#MobileChat No. 101 with Chris Barrows


[UPDATE: View the Chris Barrows Storify  for a recap of the live Q&A]

August is a constant reminder for many families that summer is ending and school is beginning.

What has changed, though, is how students are now preparing for their course work. Sure, pencils, pens and notebooks are still in the mix but now students are using more digital tools for their work and for social collaboration.

It’s not just high school and college students who are stuffing laptops in their backpacks and communicating with classmates via mobile devices. Even elementary students are using platforms like Edmodo for receiving and submitting their class work.

To speak to the rapidly evolving landscape of how educational institutions and students are adapting to new learning environments, we’ve asked Chris Barrows of New York University to guest on the next #MobileChat.

Chris (LinkedIn | Twitter) heads up NYU’s social media strategy and training, as well as monitors trends and analytics to uncover what is effective for NYU’s external social media efforts. He also works with the NYU development team to create applications that will provide the best mobile content for students and faculty. In short, Chris lives and breathes digital and social conversations every single day.

Join us Wednesday. August 20th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter for a live Q/A with Chris. He’ll be taking all of us to school on the digital transformation that is happening in the education space.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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