#MobileChat No. 120: The rise of mobile video

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[UPDATE: View the Mobile Video Storify at the bottom of this page for a recap of the live Q&A]

How many of us are under constant stress to keep our mobile data usage below our allotted amount every month? I know for me, staying under 2gb was easy a year ago. How could you possibly use more than 2gb a month, I asked naively. That was before video took over our devices.

Now, every month is a struggle to stay under my allotted amount of data per month. Facebook autoplays videos, hundreds of millions of Snapchat videos are sent every day, Instagram is starting to work video ads into your feed, and 40% of Youtube watch time is via a mobile device. I’m not the only one having this issue either. Look at this chart to the right from Akamai’s State of the Internet report and you’ll see that data usage just keeps going up and up.

Video is looking like the content king, and with good reason: sure, videos are entertaining, but they are also a great way to convey a message and learn things. One of my favorite all time websites is Khan Academy, where you can go learn hundreds of subjects through video.

Here at Red e App we see what video can bring to the table in our industry, so we want to talk about it with #MobileChat as well. How does mobile video help you in your job?  Do you like live video like Facetime? Do you create videos? How can having ready access to videos help you when you’re away from the computer?

Join us Wednesday, January 21st from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we talk about the rise of mobile video.

Look forward to chatting – Ryson Walden

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