#MobileChat No. 126: Gathering information on the cutting edge

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[UPDATE: View the Mobile Search Storify at the bottom of this page for a recap of the live Q&A.]

We started out as hunters and gatherers of food. Now we are hunters and gatherers of information. How many times a day do you Google things? How many of you can make snap judgements looking at a page of search results and decide which one best answers your question in less than 1.5 seconds? Probably most of us. We are on computers all day, so we are Googling all day. But what about when you’re not on a computer? Things become just a little more cumbersome. Are Google searches the future of mobile information gathering? Some don’t think so. While I’m not sure that the answer is texting (as the article says), I do think it is an interesting topic.

As that article says “Mobile is not the new web, it is the only web. And it is very different.” Wouldn’t search be nice if it always knew exactly what you were looking for, on the first try, and gave you answers in lay-mans terms (if you so desire.) That is the future of mobile search. Maybe you don’t even have to type anything at all. On this weeks #MobileChat, we want to talk about the future of searching for information on mobile and whether it will include Google or not.

Join us Wednesday, March 4th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we discuss the impact mobile search has had on our lives and how it can get better to make us more efficient, more informed humans.

Look forward to chatting – Ryson Walden

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