#MobileChat No. 133: The mobile shopping experience


[UPDATE: View the Mobile Shopping Storify at the bottom of this page for a recap of the live Q&A.]

An incredible 60% of shopper activity on Amazon came from mobile devices this holiday season. Shopping on mobile devices is already the standard, rather than the exception.  Perhaps that is why Google just changed its algorithm to reward mobile optimized sites. During their recent launch of their Lilly Pulitzer line, Target had to intermittently take down their website and apps because they couldn’t handle all of the demand of consumers (many of who went on to resale the items on ebay).

For this weeks #MobileChat we want to talk with you about the mobile shopping experience. We will discuss what apps we use, what we prefer to buy online vs in person, and what could make the mobile shopping experience better among other things.

Join us Wednesday, April 22nd from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we discuss shopping on your mobile device. While mobile shopping can lead to impulse buys, it can also save you a lot of time and money if you know the tricks of the trade.

Look forward to chatting – Ryson Walden

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