#MobileChat No. 134: A digital derby party

Mint Julep

[UPDATE: View the Mobile Shopping Storify at the bottom of this page for a recap of the live Q&A.]

Mobile tech doesn’t always have to be serious business. From games, to mixing cocktails, to making goofy videos for laughs mobile can enhance both your business life and your fun life (not that they are mutually exclusive). While we tend to focus on the business side of tech here on #MobileChat, it is Derby Week. If you didn’t know, Derby Week is a month of fun here in Louisville, so we want to continue the theme.

During this weeks #MobileChat we will discuss the best ways to have fun with mobile tech. When you have a bit of time to burn, what games do you turn to? When you want to get a party going what apps help you liven things up? We will discuss this and more on this weeks chat.

Join us Wednesday, April 29th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter for our digital derby party. Bring your hat and place a bet on who will get the most retweets, it’s going to be a good time.

Look forward to chatting – Ryson Walden

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