#MobileChat No. 14 Halloween-style with YOU as the guest

Our next #MobileChat falls on Halloween, October 31. To make sure we’re in the Halloween spirit but not to miss out on a great ‘mobile’ opportunity, I thought the next guest for #MobileChat on Halloween night should be . . . YOU!
Here’s how: Next Wednesday, while you are ‘mobile’, take lots of pictures of crazy, gruesome, funny, exotic, or whatever you see and tag with #MobileChat. If you’re going to a party or having a group of friends over from your part of town or neighborhood, take a picture and add #MobileChat when you tweet it out. I’ll create a Storify from all the great Halloween / mobile content you share.
I’ll be getting into the game as well. I’m going to be the Incredible Hulk, wifey is going as Wonder Woman, and my son is Clark Kent / Superman. Don’t believe me? Be sure to check the #MobileChat stream the morning after Halloween. There’ll be a special ‘treat’ waiting for you there!
Happy Halloween! 
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