#MobileChat No. 142 with David Yeiser

He is serious.
Photo by Emil Handke

Great design is instantly recognizable. When it comes to your company’s brand you probably want something that will have a lasting impression. Good design leads to good brand recognition which sets you apart from your competitors. Think about Target, Nike, Apple, or McDonalds. What comes to mind when you read those names? Their logo.

Designing for a company/brand is important and sometimes a little daunting. There are several key factors that go into the design and if you miss or skip 1, you’ve failed. Most designers will agree on 5 principles of designing a logo. It should be: Simple, timeless, memorable, versatile, and appropriate.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a designer that can accomplish this. Rockstar designer, David Yeiser is Red e App’s go to design guy. Why you might ask? He leaves a lasting impression. Need and example of his work? Look at our logo.

David is a (mostly) self taught designer, living right here in good ole Kentucky. He has over 15 years of design experience, so it’s safe to say that this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s designed websites, apps, logos, books, fonts, and much more. David is very attentive to the little things like font (something we both agree has a lasting impression). He’s designed for agencies, startups, and does a little freelance when he has time. David played a key role in our recent app refresh, Red e App 3.0. Our app looks cleaner and is easier to navigate than ever thanks to his work. Check out some of the screenshots he worked on below, and click the image to go to his website to see more. The importance of design and easy to use interface cannot be understated in the mobile world.

Join us Wednesday, June 24th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter for a live Q/A with David Yeiser. We will discuss his design philosophy, the process when designing for mobile devices, and how he stays up to date on the latest trends. Hey, maybe you can even pick his brain for your next project.

Look forward to chatting – Kayla Darbyshire

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