#MobileChat No. 16 with Jeff Hasen

After many of us set our clocks back, it would seem there was a mad dash in stores to get ready for the holiday shopping season. We’ve had several requests from the MobileChat community for future guests to focus on mobile and shopping, which we’ll be announcing soon, but what about brands / companies who don’t ‘have an app yet’? Or, even if they do, how will they use the app effectively during the frantic shopping season to generate not only sales, but also engagement and hopefully long term brand loyalty?  

#MobileChat No. 16 with Jeff Hasen - Red e AppWe’ve asked Jeff Hasen to address that specific mobile issue during our next #MobileChat on November 14.  Here’s a bio of Jeff’s work from his website:

Named a top Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter, Jeff Hasen (@jeffhasen) builds, strengthens and protects brands. Companies benefiting from his talents have landed on Wired’s list of most  innovative entities on Earth and been named pioneers and the early leader in the burgeoning mobile marketing category.
One of the most frequently quoted voices in mobile and social media, Jeff is the author of the new book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices. Jeff co-created the certification program for the Mobile Marketing Association. He is one of two individuals certified by the MMA to train on definitions, techniques and benefits. Jeff is a member of the Consumer Best Practices committee.
Through his “Moments of Trust” (YouTube video) lessons, he teaches marketers to interact with consumers who are armed with a mobile device and a voice that can instantly change or reinforce public opinion. 

At Hipcricket, he conceived and led the execution of an accelerated rebranding effort in advance of the mobile marketing software and services company being named the early leader in the  mobile marketing space in the U.S. Hipcricket also won consecutive annual pioneer awards from CTIA — The Wireless Association.

So, have a question about using mobile to generate sales, engagement, and loyalty? If so, bring them for Jeff on Wednesday November 14th from 9-10pm ET on Twitter – code word is #MobileChat.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman 
Red e App Product and Engagement Director


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